The Euro 1wall Italian Open 2019 in Palermo

Palermo will host next month one of the European Championship Tour Event of a sport short known in Italy, but very fond in many countries, so much to be close to be admitted in the Olympic Games. Infact in our city will take place the European Wallball Tour, open to players from all over the world, and also counted for the European ranking. About 40 athletes are expected to participate, and already 5 among the top 10 best European athletes have already confirmed their presence.

Our Hotel has been chosen as the Official one of the event, and special low-cost rates have been prepared for your staying in the city:

Friday – dinner and overnight stay with breakfast = € 40 per person
Saturday – breakfast & overnight stay = € 30 per person

Use the link below to book referring to the event, or ask  our booking office at + 39 / 091.450032 or by mail at


All the matches, scheduled from March 9th and 10th 2019 at the Pala Winning (Via Sandro Pertini, behind the Velodrome), is an important event for the athletes of this sport that is growing all over the world. An example is the city of New York where, after basketball, Wallball it is the most popular game among youngsters, because is fast, athletic, fun, exciting game.

More information can be found by consulting the official website of the event below.

Euro1wall Italian Open

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